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The London Society was founded in 1912 by a group of prominent Londoners that included Sir Edwin Lutyens, Raymond Unwin, Aston Webb, Beresford Pite and Frank Brangwyn, to encourage public and governmental interest in urban planning and design for “the good of London, its orderly and beautiful development, its general amenity as a place for business or pleasure” (Thomas Raffles Davison).

In his address at the launch of the Society in January 1913, Lord Curzon, Lord Mayor of London and former Viceroy of India, described the Society’s aim “to make London beautiful where it is not so already, and to keep it beautiful where it already is”- arguably this has become more of a challenge in the C21st than ever before. The society has acted as a bridge between the C19th philanthropic approach to urban reform and contemporary concerns with our built environment, from conservation to the housing shortage and all aspects of urban planning in Greater London. Membership of the Society is open to all.

In 2015 the Society worked to convene the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on London’s Planning and Built Environment – the first-cross party group to focus on London and its future in nearly fifty years.

John Sandoe’s is pleased to support The London Society by making available the following list of books about London. The list will be amended from time to time, with further recommendations by us and by The London Society; please remember that price and availability are subject to occasional revision. If a book is out of print we are always happy to try to track down second hand copies.

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