London Morgan Subscription

Outstanding new books drawn from a range of genres – travel, history, biography, art, memoir, fiction, thrillers, etc – for the discerning traveller, their partners and friends. Twelve books, sent out once a month for one year, carefully selected by Sandoe’s and tailored to the tastes of the recipient.

The recipient of a gift subscription will receive a formal card from us, confirming their subscription and inviting them to discuss their preferences, should they wish to, by telephone, email or in person at the bookshop. The donor is also welcome to direct our selection. All books arrive at their eventual destination neatly wrapped in brown paper and tied with ribbon; they can be sent almost anywhere in the world.

Subscription prices include UK postage. Postage to other parts of the world will be added (at cost) to the subscription price when we confirm the details of your order.