///Speedy Motor: Travels Across Asia and the Middle East in a Morgan

Speedy Motor: Travels Across Asia and the Middle East in a Morgan

John Carswell

In the summer of 1974, against the backdrop of the Lebanese Civil War, ceramics expert and Morgan enthusiast John Carswell set off with his young family from their home in Beirut on an expedition across Asia and the Middle East. Their vehicle was their beloved Morgan 4/4 four seater, named ‘Speedy’. Following in the steps of Ibn Battuta, their destination was the Maldives, where Carswell hoped to find evidence of the Chinese blue and white pottery which he was researching. The family travelled via Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, from where they sailed to Bombay (Mumbai). Speedy Motor relates the trials and tribulations of one Morgan over several decades in the Middle East and latterly Europe. When the family were forced to flee Beirut during the Civil War, Speedy temporarily fell into the hands of Hizbollah but years later ‘he’ was reunited with his family in England. Carswell’s vivid account, published for the first time in 2016, provides a vibrant portrait of a region in the grip of change, and is surely indispensable for every owner of a Morgan.

I. B. Tauris