Where the Wild Winds Are: Walking Europe’s Winds from the Pennines to Provence

Nick Hunt

For our November 2017 book recommendation we have chosen this exciting and deliciously meandering account of four European winds, from Cumbria to Croatia – the Helm, the Bora, the Foehn and the Mistral. Winds that can destroy, flatten, melt, coax, warm, drive mad, inspire – and often elude the author as he goes in search of them across the continent. As the author of ‘Walking the Woods and the Water’, a fine book in the footsteps of Patrick Leigh Fermor, it is no great surprise to see Hunt picking up on an idea of Xan Fielding, which only reached fruition posthumously in his ‘Aeolus Displayed.’ But NH has made the idea his own in this excellent book. A pleasure from start to finish.

Nicholas Brealey