While we are no longer able to welcome you into the shop for our evening events, we have uploaded an archive of recordings for you to listen back to past events.

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28th January 2020

HISHAM MATAR: A Month in Siena

We are very pleased indeed to have Hisham Matar coming to talk to us upstairs at Sandoe’s. We have done well with all his books and this latest, a typically thoughtful reverie that uses Duccio’s extraordinary fresoes in Siena as a psychic springboard, was one of our most recommended books last autumn. His memoir a few years ago, The Return, won him a Pulitzer.  His new book was written in its aftermath; its closest relation that comes to mind is Sebald’s Rings of Saturn. Like that strange and divergent ‘travel book’, it is a winding thread of oblique reflections on our own world rather than a dry analysis of the apparent object. Intelligent, wise, kind…



21st November 2019

CAROLINE MOOREHEAD: The Women Who Liberated Italy from Fascism

Caroline Moorehead will be speaking upstairs at Sandoe’s about her new book, A House in the Mountains: The Women Who Liberated Italy from Fascism. This is the fascinating story of four women who helped form the Italian Resistance in 1943.

CM is well known for her marvellous biographies of Iris Origo, Madame de la Tour du Pin, Freya Stark, Martha Gellhorn, Heinrich Schliemann and Bertrand Russell. She is equally famous as a historian of the Resistance in France (A Train in Winter, Village of Secrets and, more recently, in Italy. Two years ago she published A Bold and Dangerous Family: The Rossellis and the Fight Against Mussolini, and we are thrilled that she will be discussing her latest book here a week after publication.



12th November 2019

KING OF THE WORLD: Philip Mansel on King Louis XIV

We are delighted that Philip Mansel,  historian of France and of the Levant, will be here to talk about his magnificent reappraisal of the Sun King, King of the World.



7th November 2019

SOFIA TOLSTOY – A CENTENARY: Sophie Ratcliffe & Rosamund Bartlett in Conversation

It is 100 years this November since Sofia Andreyevna Tolstoy died at home in Yasnaya Polyana. Best known as the wife and amanuensis of Leo Tolstoy, and the mother of their 13 children, she is a fascinating and important figure in her own right as a talented writer, campaigner, photographer, publisher and painter.

Join us for an evening of conversation with Sophie Ratcliffe, academic and author of The Lost Properties of Love, and Rosamund Bartlett, Tolstoy biographer and translator of Anna Karenina, to celebrate Sofia Tolstoy’s remarkable life.

For further books relating to Sofia Tolstoy’s life, click here.



4th September 2019

ANARCHY: William Dalrymple on the Rise of the East India Company

We are thrilled to welcome William Dalrymple to the shop to speak on the subject of his latest book, ‘The Anarchy: The Relentless Rise of the East India Company’, a compelling and sobering account of the world’s first multinational – and a militarised one at that. His clear-eyed approach is grounded in meticulous research and the result, however startling or shocking, is told with his characteristic eloquence and verve.

We are grateful to Bloomsbury Publishing for allowing us early copies of the book. See here for details.