Christmas Bestsellers 2015

An intriguing aspect of settling down after Christmas is getting a clear view of what books sold best. For us, in December, the winner was Andrea Wulf’s “The Invention Of Nature” (see our Windowbox). This is followed by: Little Red

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John Saumarez-Smith et alia

We're delighted to announce that we have provided a desk here for John Saumarez-Smith. Since retiring from Heywood Hill after 40+ years, this celebrated bookdealer has been operating from Maggs Bros in Berkeley Square. As the long lease on their

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A delicious moment in the shop when Johnny and I were fielding a Mr Henderson apiece. The two Hendersons eventually stood next to one another in front of the two computers, where the till is. Johnny addressed his Mr Henderson,

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Our Marzena has been positively bricking up her light under a bushel... But she has inadvertently let a glimmer through by plugging a new book by Kevin Jackson which, she was kind enough to let slip, has a mention of

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An exceeding strange thing happened here yesterday, just after taking delivery of our copies of “1864: The Forgotten War That Shaped Modern Europe” by Tom Buk-Swienty. It is a book about the Schleswig-Holstein war, which is now more famous for

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Our Best Sellers 2014

A quietish Sunday afternoon gives the rare breathing-space to exercise the software and look at what really sold last year. The answers are: The Land Where Lemons Grow (Helena Attlee) Those of you who have followed our peculiar Facebook utterances

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Cello case

How lovely. We've been brought biscuits and other treats by doting customers; one veteran has made her annual donation of fudge, daintily served in an elegant Smythson's box... How Adventitious and Delightful! We've also just been informed, by just about

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