…this Penelope of a city, weaving her patterns by day and undoing them by night, with no Ulysses in sight. Only the sea…

Joseph Brodsky, Watermark: An Essay on Venice

Since it was created after the great flood of 1966, when the waters rose to nearly two metres above the mean water-level, Venice in Peril has disbursed millions of pounds for the restoration and conservation of Venetian monuments, buildings and works of art across the city and its islands. In support of its conservation work, Venice in Peril also promotes a deeper understanding of Venice – its complex history, the contribution it has made to world culture and the challenges it faces today – to encourage responsible and informed engagement with the city. The charity is also committed to ensuring the sustainability of Venice, acting as a lobby group and working to find answers to some of the critical ecological, demographic and socio-economic issues facing the city.

All the conservation projects carried out by Venice in Peril take place through the “UNESCO-Private Committees Programme for the Safeguarding of Venice”.

We are delighted to be working with Venice in Peril, a registered charity, in providing the following list of books about or inspired by Venice. Venice in Peril will receive 10% of sales of any books in this list ordered through our website.

There are a few books on this list for which Venice in Peril will receive 50%.
We are also happy to offer a finding service for out of print books on Venice under the same arrangement. Click here for a list of selected out of print titles.
Price and availabity may be subject to revision as necessary, without notice.

“Every civilised person owes a debt to Venice; I have only sought in the smallest way to repay this debt”

Sir Ashley Clarke (Founder, Venice in Peril Fund)