• The Good Thieves

    Katherine Rundell

    A heist by a group of children, letters written in green ink, a lost ancestral home, jewels, trapeze artists and a formidably determined protagonist who will go to enormous lengths to right a wrong. Rundell is always spell-binding and invigorating. Ages 8+.

    Hardback £12.99
  • The King of the Golden River

    John Ruskin, illustrated by Quentin Blake

    Ruskin’s only children’s book is an exciting parable of his views about nature, more relevant than ever in today’s world. The memorable cast includes South-West Wind, Esq. Lovely dark blue cloth. Ages 6+.

    Hardback £14.95
  • Kidnapped

    Robert Louis Stevenson

    A life without RLS cannot be said to be properly lived. This great stylist’s range even includes Ruritanian extravagances but here we have the gloriously told adventure of a young Lowlander, set in the aftermath of the last great Jacobite rebellion of 1745. It also contains one of the world’s wickedest uncles in a very gothic passage, complete with a ruined stone staircase lit only by lightning flashes, and blue-coated firecracker Alan Breck, whose entrance into the tale must be one of the most spectacular in literature.

    Paperback £7.99
  • Harold Snipperpot’s Best Disaster Ever

    Beatrice Alemagna

    Harold’s turning seven and he WILL have a party – his first one, and it turns out to be unforgettable, as a cavalcade of animals disrupts his ordered life, eating the chandelier, trying on his mother’s pearls, breaking the crockery… Will triumph be snatched from the cake-filled jaws of catastrophe? Ages 3-7.

    Hardback £12.95
  • When We Were Warriors

    Emma Carroll

    A new collection of short stories about children around the world in WW2, by an accomplished author of historical fiction for children whose books include ‘Letters from the Lighthouse’ and ‘Secrets of a Sun King’. Ages 8-10.

    Paperback £6.99
  • The Silver Skates

    Mary Mapes Dodge

    First published in New York in 1865 and influenced by the author’s Dutch immigrant neighbours, this is the story of Hans Brinker and his sister Gretel, two impoverished children growing up in Holland. Who has never dreamt of skating for miles on frozen canals? And racing to win?

    Paperback £7.99
  • Ann At Highwood Hall

    Robert Graves, illustrated by Edward Ardizzone

    Delicious reprint of the 1964 original. Slim, witty, fun. Seven poems for 7-year-olds and above.

    Hardback £12.99