• Omer Pasha Latas, Marshall to the Sultan

    Ivo Andric

    The first English translation of this novel, set in 1850s Sarajevo, with its complex overlappings of three religions. From the author of ‘The Bridge over the Drina’.

    Other £9.99
  • The Runaways

    Fatima Bhutto

    The lives of three young people in Karachi and England. Bhutto is a powerful, thoughtful writer.

    Hardback £14.99
  • The Handsome Monk and Other Stories

    Tsering Dondrup

    This contemporary author writes about the nomadic world of his native north-western Tibet.

    Paperback £14.99
  • Love In No Man’s Land

    Duo Ji Zhuo Ga

    Extraordinarily, a second work of Tibetan fiction in one catalogue – in a year, in a decade. The life of man who, as a child, helped hide a precious treasure in the Cultural Revolution.

    Hardback £20.00
  • The Parade

    Dave Eggers

    A new novel by the author of The Circle: an armistice, a new road and the difficulty of good deeds.

    Hardback £14.99
  • Deviation

    Luce D'Eramo, translated by Anne Milano Appel

    The famous autobiographical novel by an Italian critic and writer that looks back on her fascist upbringing, her gradual revulsion for it that culminated in a spell in Dachau, from which she escaped, only to be paralysed from the waist down (aged nineteen) when trying to dig survivors from rubble in the bombing of Mainz.

    Hardback £20.00
  • The Narrow Land

    Christine Dwyer Hickey

    Cape Cod, 1950: a family holiday is disrupted by the presence of Edward Hopper and Jo, his wife. By a very accomplished Irish writer.

    Hardback £14.99
  • Dream Sequence

    Adam Foulds

    A novel about psychological damage, stalking, and the perils of celebrity, from the author of the Booker-shortlisted ‘The Quickening Maze’ (2009), a fine novel about John Clare.

    Hardback £14.99
  • Voices in the Evening

    Natalia Ginzburg

    A reissue of one of Ginzburg’s finest novels.

    Paperback £9.99