//Natural History
  • Mr Lear: A Life of Art and Nonsense

    Jenny Uglow

    What could be a happier conjunction of subject and writer than Lear and Uglow? And there is even one of his parrots on the cover. How pleasant to be Miss Uglow!

    This is the most ravishing biography of the season, gorgeously produced with decorative cloth boards quarter bound in wine-red cloth. The text is lavishly interspersed with reproductions of Lear’s marvellous landscapes and his drawings. Uglow’s sensitive approach links his nonsense poems – and drawings – to Lear’s life and character; she is gentle and not intrusive about his restless and complicated inner life, while setting him in the context of the Victorian art world. The extraordinary gifts of this most talented and unusual man are shown in endless flashes of humour – the sense of the absurd that matched his melancholy – as at the end of a postcard: “… must go now and draw a kangaroo…”. How pleasant to know Mr Lear rather better than before.


    Hardback £25.00
  • Roger Caillois: La Lecture des Pierres

    Massimiliano Gioni

    This wonderful book (text in French) is published by the Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle in Paris. Caillois was a surrealist in the 1930s who took to collecting rare mineral forms, “pierres curieuses qui attirent l’attention par quelque anomalie…” The book consists of photographs of his collection together with his accompanying texts. Beautifully produced, it shows ravishing slices through semi-precious stones, most of which are suggestive of something else: a shoreline, trees, dunes, Chinoiserie gold and black lacquer buildings with figures and birds, a medieval German town by a lake, ghosts, a slice of bacon…

    Hardback £55.00