//Photography & Fashion

  • Anthropocene

    Edward Burtynsky, Jennifer Baichwal & Nick de Pencier

    Burtinsky is famous for his huge and sumptuously detailed photographs of industrialisation. Here he turns his eye to the human destruction of the earth on a geological scale. Engrossing and unnerving.

    Hardback £75.00
  • Monumental Journey – The Daguerreotypes of Girault de Prangey

    Stephen C. Pinson & Sylvie Aubenas et al

    In 1842 a young French artist and historian set out on a 3-year journey round the Middle East, returning with over 1000 daguerreotypes, which include the earliest surviving photographs of Greece, Egypt, Turkey, Lebanon and Syria. Some 120 are reproduced in this catalogue to an exhibition at the Met.

    Hardback £35.00
  • Hermes: Pop-Up

    Stephane Foenkinos & Bernard Duisit, introduction by Pierre-Alexis Dumas

    Who could imagine such an eccentric and delightful thing as this? A book of creative wit, taste and imagination, in which mad words accompany the pop-up flights of fancy that are Hermes scarves, with Pegasus as our steed, cockatoos for company and a rooftop party as our destination. Beautiful colour printing on very good paper, this is a treat for hand and eye.

    Hardback £22.50
  • African Twilight: The Vanishing Rituals and Ceremonies of the African Continent

    Carol Beckwith & Angela Fisher

    A superb new volume of previously unpublished work from the authors of the splendid ‘African Ark’ (1990), ‘African Ceremonies’ (1999), and ‘Faces of Africa’ (2004).

    Hardback £115.00
  • Call Of The Blue

    Philip Hamilton

    Stunning underwater images of reefs, blue whales, salt water crocodiles, manatees, sea lions, sailfish, pygmy sea horses, etc…

    Hardback £65.00
  • Dorothea Lange: Politics of Seeing

    Alona Pardo

    An overview of Lange’s work for the Farm Security Administration, where she was the only female photographer documenting the impact of the Depression and Dust Bowl on the west coast of the USA. Catalogue of the Barbican exhibition.

    Hardback £37.50
  • The Landscape

    Don McCullin

    This superb book, spanning almost 60 years, is a welcome reminder that McCullin is more than a war photographer.

    Hardback £50.00
  • Yan Wang Preston: Mother River

    Liz Wells , edited by Nadine Barth

    Very beautiful, large format sequence of photographs of the Yangtse, from its source on the Tibetan plateau to Shanghai six thousand miles away. YWP avoids all clichéd images by taking her photographs at precise 100km intervals; the ordered randomness she creates is marvellously compelling.

    Hardback £55.00
  • Magnum China

    Colin Pantall, edited by Zheng Ziyu

    Most of Magnum’s photographers were in China at one time or another. This collection, chronologically presented, with good commentaries, provides a fascinating study of modern China.

    Hardback £48.00