• The Palace Lady’s Summerhouse and Other Stories from a Vanishing Turkey

    Patricia Daunt

    This gorgeous book is a steal. There are twenty fine essays from the veteran Turcophile, the former UK Ambassadress in Turkey, ranging from the Bosphorous to Anatolia (Black Sea, Mediterranean and central Anatolia), Ankara (embassies and old city), and to Paris and Aphrodisias. The last is perhaps where the author’s heart is most fervently committed, and it is to the Friends of Aphrodisias that all proceeds of the book will go. The book’s contents have appeared during the course of a couple of decades in the pages of the superb Cornucopia. Published in book form with all the magnificent photographs, it would still be good value at twice the price.

    Hardback £25.00
  • East London – Special Edition

    Charles Saumarez Smith

    We are delighted to have been asked to stock the special edition of Charles Saumarez Smith’s wonderful ‘East London’, a fascinating book that grew out of his long-standing perambulatory blog. The production is of a high quality, overseen by Harry Pearce of Pentagram. The special edition, limited to 100 copies, is quarter bound in dark grey cloth with lighter grey boards, with rounded corners and reversed-out blocking for Charles’s name. A fold-out map is attached to the interior back cover.

    For the standard edition, click here.

    Hardback £125.00
  • Joyride: To a Reunion at Kardamyli

    Tony Scotland

    A short and delightful account of three wonderful old birds – Coote Heber Percy, Billa Harrod and Freda Berkeley – who set off in a car with rather taxing suspension for the Peloponnese in 1990, to soothe their widowhood by seeking out the warm south and, in particular, Patrick and Joan Leigh Fermor.

    Hardback £17.50
  • Gardens of Corfu

    Rachel Weaving, with photographs by Marianne Majerus

    Beautiful coffee table book, large format, with stunning photographs of private gardens which range from romantic old estates and highly personal ‘grandmothers’ gardens’ to stunning contemporary works by international designers. The ‘Garden Island’ has more rainfall than anywhere else in the Aegean.  The newer gardens are designed for sustainability, conserving water and drawing inspiration from the surrounding natural landscape. Tracing the roots of their inspiration, the book’s last chapter explores the island’s varied wild landscape and the procession of wildflowers through the seasons. Outstanding.


    With a preface by Mary Keen.

    Hardback £49.95
  • Joyride to a Reunion at Kardamyli

    Tony Scotland

    In October 1990 three wonderful old birds – Coote Heber Percy, Billa Harrod and Freda Berkeley – set off in a car with with indifferent springs for the Peloponnese, to soothe their widowhood by seeking out the warm south and, in particular, their old friends Patrick and Joan Leigh Fermor in their beautiful house at Kardamyli.

    This charming account is another of Tony Scotland’s beautifully self-published books to follow ‘Bazouker: The Untold Scandals of Captain Lennox Berkeley, 7th Earl of Berkeley’, ‘Gradual: A Rennaissance Chant Book’ and ‘Fleche: Brief Encounter with Stravinsky”.

    Hardback £17.50
  • Thomas, Lucy and Alatau: The Atkinsons’ Adventures in Siberia and the Kazakh Steppe

    John Massey Stewart

    The extraordinary journeys of the ‘Siberian traveller’ Thomas Atkinson (1799-1861), who spent seven years travelling in the Urals, Kazakhstan and Siberia, and of his equally intrepid fellow-traveller wife. They encountered and befriended several of the exiled Decembrists, and Thomas’s watercolours are a unique topographical record.

    Hardback £25.00
  • Something of his Art: Walking to Lubeck with J. S. Bach

    Horatio Clare

    A recreation of the 400km walk taken by the youthful composer across northern Germany from Arnstadt to Lübeck in the winter of 1705, to hear Buxtehude play the organ. Clare is good at imagining: his last (and very wonderful) book was ‘Orison for a Curlew’, in which he sought the snark that is – or was – the Slender-Billed Curlew.

    Hardback £12.00
  • Nelson’s Arctic Voyage: The Royal Navy’s first polar expedition 1773

    Peter Goodwin

    The narrative is constructed from the diaries of the commander, Constantine Phipps, and the ship’s journal. The expedition was unsuccessful, for he didn’t find the North West Passage. That failure notwithstanding, this book is extremely interesting, and also gives a valuable insight into later exploring expeditions, as well as an intriguing view of the young Horatio Nelson.

    Hardback £25.00
  • The Map of Knowledge: How Classical Ideas Were Lost and Found: A History in Seven Cities

    Violet Moller

    A fascinating study of the ideas of Euclid, Galen and Ptolemy through seven cities over a thousand years: Alexandria, Baghdad, Cordoba, Toledo, Salerno, Palermo, Venice.

    Hardback £20.00