• Traditional Houses and Bazaars: From Iran to Morocco

    Hans Munk Hansen

    These pictures, taken between 1950 and the late ‘80s, constitute a remarkable record of traditional buildings and townscapes that have been destroyed across the Islamic world.

    Hardback £37.00
  • John Henry Haynes: A Photographer and Archaeologist in the Ottoman Empire 1881-1900

    Robert G Ousterhout

    The Massachusetts-born Haynes was a master of archaeological photography in the Middle East and Turkey in the late C19th. His prolonged stay was made possible by the sponsership of the American Institute of Archaeology, who first sent him to photograph the excavations at Assos in 1881 and continued to support him. Such photographic training as he had was a brief stint with William James Stillman while the latter was documenting the Acropolis in Athens. Haynes’s work shows a sensitivity to landscape and composition which may have been influenced by Stillman’s earlier background as a landscape painter and protégé of Ruskin.

    This volume includes sites at Ankara, Boğazköy,the rock-cut settlements of Cappadocia (the ‘fairy chimneys’), Sultan Han, and Constantinople.

    Paperback £22.95
  • Venice, an Interior

    Marias, once a resident of Venice, knows its blind alleys and opaque waters well.

    Paperback £5.00
  • Palmyra 1885: The Wolfe Expedition and the Photographs of John Henry Haynes

    Benjamin Anderson & Robert G Ousterhout

    The sequel to Ousterhout’s wonderful ‘John Henry Haynes’ of 2011, republished to coincide with this and also available from Sandoe’s.

    Haynes was the photographer with the Wolfe Expedition which, on their return from Mesopotomia, spent five days at the oasis site of Palmyra, once home to the legendary Queen Zenobia. Hayne’s hundred-odd photographs of the site are an invaluable and stunning record, and in great part never published before.

    Paperback £19.95
  • The Travels

    Marco Polo

    A new translation in an attractive cloth edition.

    Hardback £16.99
  • East London – Special Edition

    Charles Saumarez Smith

    We are delighted to have been asked to stock the special edition of Charles Saumarez Smith’s wonderful ‘East London’, a fascinating book that grew out of his long-standing perambulatory blog. The production is of a high quality, overseen by Harry Pearce of Pentagram. The special edition, limited to 100 copies, is quarter bound in dark grey cloth with lighter grey boards, with rounded corners and reversed-out blocking for Charles’s name. A fold-out map is attached to the interior back cover.

    For the standard edition, click here.

    Hardback £125.00
  • The Abandoned Islands Of The Venetian Lagoon: Isole Abbandonate Della Laguna Veneta

    Giorgio Crovato & Maurizio Crovato, edited by Francis Phillimore

    A reprint of a survey of the islands of the lagoon, undertaken in 1978. Text in English and Italian.

    Paperback £79.95
  • Venice: Pure City

    Peter Ackroyd

    And pure Ackroyd, too

    Hardback £25.00