New Year 2019

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New Year 2019

02. New Year 2019: Biography

03. New Year 2019: History & Current Affairs

04. New Year 2019: Fiction

  • Omer Pasha Latas, Marshall to the Sultan

    Ivo Andric

    The first English translation of this novel, set in 1850s Sarajevo, with its complex overlappings of three religions. From the author of ‘The Bridge over the Drina’.

    Other £9.99
  • The Runaways

    Fatima Bhutto

    The lives of three young people in Karachi and England. Bhutto is a powerful, thoughtful writer.

    Hardback £14.99
  • Love Without End: A Story of Heloise and Abelard

    Melvyn Bragg

    The classic love story, retold for our times.

    Hardback £18.99
  • The Handsome Monk and Other Stories

    Tsering Dondrup

    This contemporary author writes about the nomadic world of his native north-western Tibet.

    Paperback £14.99
  • Love In No Man’s Land

    Duo Ji Zhuo Ga

    Extraordinarily, a second work of Tibetan fiction in one catalogue – in a year, in a decade. The life of man who, as a child, helped hide a precious treasure in the Cultural Revolution.

    Hardback £20.00
  • The Parade

    Dave Eggers

    A new novel by the author of The Circle: an armistice, a new road and the difficulty of good deeds.

    Hardback £14.99
  • Deviation

    Luce D'Eramo, translated by Anne Milano Appel

    The famous autobiographical novel by an Italian critic and writer that looks back on her fascist upbringing, her gradual revulsion for it that culminated in a spell in Dachau, from which she escaped, only to be paralysed from the waist down (aged nineteen) when trying to dig survivors from rubble in the bombing of Mainz.

    Hardback £20.00
  • The Narrow Land

    Christine Dwyer Hickey

    Cape Cod, 1950: a family holiday is disrupted by the presence of Edward Hopper and Jo, his wife. By a very accomplished Irish writer.

    Hardback £14.99
  • Dream Sequence

    Adam Foulds

    A novel about psychological damage, stalking, and the perils of celebrity, from the author of the Booker-shortlisted ‘The Quickening Maze’ (2009), a fine novel about John Clare.

    Hardback £14.99
  • Voices in the Evening

    Natalia Ginzburg

    A reissue of one of Ginzburg’s finest novels.

    Paperback £9.99
  • Late In The Day

    Tessa Hadley

    An exploration of the intricate effects of a death on two marriages. Hadley is well worth reading if you’re not already a devotee.

    Hardback £16.99
  • Sérotonine

    Michel Houellebecq

    A brilliant and devastating novel from an author described by a colleague as “a human cigarette”.

    NB This is the French language edition, for those who can’t face waiting until September for the English translation.

    Paperback £26.00
  • Memories of the Future

    Siri Hustvedt

    An ingenious novel about her earlier self, a young woman from Minnesota just arrived in New York, bursting with curiosity and a hunger for life. Funny and provocative.

    Hardback £18.99
  • The Snakes

    Sadie Jones

    Family secrets and tragedy in France, from the author of ‘The Outcasts’.

    Hardback £14.99
  • The Wall

    John Lanchester

    A powerful dystopian view of Britain following a rise in sea levels, from the author of ‘Capital’.

    Hardback £14.99
  • Victory

    James Lasdun

    Two dramatic novellas from a very fine author, in which the present is haunted by events from the past: in the first, the reappearance of an old lover; in the second, an accusation of a long-ago sexual assault.

    Hardback £14.99
  • Unto Us a Son Is Given

    Donna Leon

    Inspector Brunetti must deal with some exceedingly un-Christmassy behaviour.

    Hardback £20.00
  • Where Reasons End

    Yiyun Li

    An autobiographical novel about the loss of an adolescent child, by the author of ‘The Vagrants’ and ‘Kinder than Solitude’.

    Hardback £12.99
  • Once And Forever

    Kenji Miyazawa

    KM (1896-1933) was a Japanese cellist, utopian and poet who has achieved posthumous fame for his many tales that drift between the day-to-day and the supernatural.

    Other £9.99
  • An Orchestra Of Minorities

    Chigozie Obioma

    A much anticipated second novel from the author of the Booker-shortlisted ‘The Fishermen’, with a contemporary twist on the idea of Odysseus’s wanderings.

    Hardback £14.99
  • The Freedom Artist

    Ben Okri

    A new novel from a visionary writer with a Kafkaesque take on our post-truth world.

    Hardback £14.99
  • The Case of Miss Elliott: The Teahouse Detective

    Baroness Orczy

    More from the waspish problems solver

    Paperback £8.99
  • The Old Man in the Corner: The Teahouse Detective

    Baroness Orczy

    A waspish problem-solver to rival Holmes.

    Paperback £8.99
  • The Redeemed

    Tim Pears

    The much anticipated third novel in Pears’s remarkable ‘West Country Trilogy’.

    Hardback £16.99
  • Lanny

    Max Porter

    The author’s first novel ‘Grief Is the Thing with Feathers’ was an astonishing triumph, for all its strangeness. This follow-up is strange too, but marvellously, brilliantly so: it tells the story of an odd boy growing up in an English village. Shades of ‘Under Milk Wood’ and ‘Lincoln in the Bardo’.

    Hardback £12.99
  • The Age of Light

    Whitney Scharer

    The passion of Lee Miller and Man Ray, Paris and parties. Escapist stuff for sofa-dwellers.

    Hardback £12.99
  • Before She Knew Him

    Peter Swanson

    Nasty domestic thriller set in Massachusetts by a reliably disturbing author.

    Hardback £12.99
  • Katalin Street

    Magda Szabo

    Follows the fortunes of three families in pre-war Budapest, through the German occupation, and then the postwar regime. A powerful novel from the author of The Door, one of our hardy perennials.

    Paperback £12.99
  • Turbulence

    David Szalay

    A new sequence of stories from the author of the Booker-shortlisted ‘All That Man Is’.

    Hardback £9.99
  • The Order of the Day

    Eric Vuillard

    This dazzling novel (and last year’s winner of the Prix Goncourt) consists of vignettes of meetings in the Corridors of Power that led to the slide into war in 1939: German industrialists with Hitler; the Austrian Chancellor outmanoueuvred at the Berghof; Churchill and Chamberlain delayed at lunch by Ribbentrop as German tanks rolled over the border into Austria. Breathtaking for all its slimness.

    Hardback £12.99

05. New Year 2019: Poetry, Literature & Ideas

06. New Year 2019: Art, Architecture Decorative Arts

07. New Year 2019: Gardens & Nature

  • Still Water: The Deep Life of the Pond

    John Lewis-Stempel

    The author of ‘Meadowland’ and ‘The Running Hare’ peers into the reedy depths of a vanishing habitat.

    Hardback £14.99
  • Copsford

    Walter J. C. Murray, introduction by Raynor Winn

    Out of print since the 1940s, this is the story of a gruelling but rewarding life in Sussex, beginning in a ruined house not without its hauntings. Bears comparison with Richard Jefferies and Thoreau.


    Tartarus Press have also just brought out a hardback edition of this forgotten gem. Click here for details.

    Paperback £12.00
  • Moss

    Ulrica Nordstroem

    Mosses and moss gardens around the world, from miniature terrariums and ‘kokedama’ to great boulders and forests. For those who believe rolling stones are seriously missing out.

    Hardback £14.99
  • The Well Gardened Mind

    Sue Stuart-Smith

    Combining neuroscience and psychoanalysis, the psychotherapist author is further qualified to write this book being married to Tom Stuart-Smith, the garden designer and winner of umpteen awards at Chelsea and elsewhere.

    Hardback £20.00

09. New Year 2019: For Children

  • Harold Snipperpot’s Best Disaster Ever

    Beatrice Alemagna

    Harold’s turning seven and he WILL have a party – his first one, and it turns out to be unforgettable, as a cavalcade of animals disrupts his ordered life, eating the chandelier, trying on his mother’s pearls, breaking the crockery… Will triumph be snatched from the cake-filled jaws of catastrophe? Ages 3-7.

    Hardback £12.95
  • When We Were Warriors

    Emma Carroll

    A new collection of short stories about children around the world in WW2, by an accomplished author of historical fiction for children whose books include ‘Letters from the Lighthouse’ and ‘Secrets of a Sun King’. Ages 8-10.

    Paperback £6.99
  • The Silver Skates

    Mary Mapes Dodge

    First published in New York in 1865 and influenced by the author’s Dutch immigrant neighbours, this is the story of Hans Brinker and his sister Gretel, two impoverished children growing up in Holland. Who has never dreamt of skating for miles on frozen canals? And racing to win?

    Paperback £7.99
  • Ann At Highwood Hall

    Robert Graves, illustrated by Edward Ardizzone

    Delicious reprint of the 1964 original. Slim, witty, fun. Seven poems for 7-year-olds and above.

    Hardback £12.99
  • P Is for Pterodactyl: The Worst Alphabet Book Ever

    Raj Haldar & Chris Carpenter, illustrated by Maria Beddia

    A is for absurd, clearly, only that is too straightforward. Expect clouds of gnats, knots and homophonic extravagances. Ages – rather hard to say as some might say that the book will undo years of patient spelling bees, but how about 4+?

    Hardback £13.99
  • Sindbad the Sailor & Other Stories from the Arabian Nights

    Laurence Housman, illustrated by Edmund Dulac, introduction by Marina Warner

    Includes Aladdin, The Three Calendars and The Sleeper Awakened. Beautifully written in what Warner calls the “dialect of enchantment”, enrapturingly recondite and an exquisite match for Dulac’s thrilling and fantastical illustrations. Ages 8-12 and everyone older too.

    Hardback £30.00
  • The Hug

    Eoin McLaughlin, illustrated by Polly Dunbar

    The joyous encounter of two unembraceable creatures, a hedgehog and a tortoise, told from both points of view and from both ends of the book. Small, sweet and admirably silly.

    Hardback £6.99
  • The Tales of Beedle the Bard

    J K Rowling, illustrated by Lisbeth Zwerger

    Published in the US, this is a large-format, fabulously illustrated edition. These stories of magic, adventure and peril, are referred to in some of the Harry Potter books. They are ‘translated’ here by Hermione Granger. Zwerger’s watercolours are outstandingly good: Rackham for the modern age.

    Hardback £30.00
  • The Antlered Ship

    Dashka Slater, illustrated by Eric Fan & Terry Fan

    There are two great pairs of sibling contemporary illustrators: the O’Hara sisters ( ‘Bandit Queen’) and the Fan Brothers, who produced a transformative tale of topiary a couple of years ago, ‘The Night Gardener’. In this new tale an inquisitive fox joins the crew of an extraordinary antlered ship, seeking adventure and Answers to Huge Questions. Intelligent, highly imaginative, an absolute joy. Maurice Sendak meets ‘Voyage of the Dawntreader’… Ages 3-6.

    Hardback £12.99

10. New Year 2019: Some of our Recent Favourites

  • Invitation to the Waltz

    Rosamond Lehmann

    The first of these elegiac novels is about a suburban girl’s first ball; its sequel (see next) relates her affair seven years later with the boy she met there. Both retain their modernity. Lehmann has an exacting eye for the upheavals of the heart and the consequences of a roll of flame-coloured silk.

    Paperback £9.99
  • The Weather in the Streets

    Rosamund Lehmann

    The first of these elegiac novels is about a suburban girl’s first ball (see above); its sequel relates her affair seven years later with the boy she met there. Both retain their modernity. Lehmann has an exacting eye for the upheavals of the heart and the consequences of a roll of flame-coloured silk.

    Paperback £9.99
  • The Farmer’s Year: A Calendar of English Husbandry

    Clare Leighton

    Lambing and lopping, threshing and sowing: first published in 1933 and out of print for many years until Little Toller’s lovely edition. Includes Leighton’s text as well as her 12 marvellous wood engravings illustrating the last vestiges of non-mechanical farming. Her woodcuts are dark and rich, with a powerful energy.

    Paperback £12.00
  • The Light in the Dark: A Winter Journal

    Horatio Clare

    An excursion into winter from last October to March of this year. Clare’s sporadic diary of its challenges, mostly in Yorkshire and in Wales, is by turns quietly ecstatic, introspective and bedevilled. As ever, his prose rings clear and true.

    Hardback £12.99
  • Immortal Dinner

    Penelope Hughes-Hallett

    One Christmas evening in 1817 the painter B R Haydon gave a dinner that included Keats and Wordsworth. PHH celebrates the electrifying brilliance that ensued to give an ingenious portrait of the age.

    Paperback £9.99
  • Italian Frescoes: From Giotto to Tiepolo

    Tomaso Montanari

    A superb art book that presents early Renaissance to late Venetian frescoes in stunning detail. No other book does this so well: thoroughly gloatable.

    Hardback £100.00
  • Field Guide to the English Clergy: A Compendium of Diverse Eccentrics, Pirates, Prelates and Adventurers; All Anglican, Some Even Practising

    The Revd Fergus Butler-Gallie

    This delightful little book of unsung geniuses came out in the autumn but we missed it from our Christmas catalogue. It tells, among others, of the diminutive cleric who was valuable in the navy as a gun cleaner; this human loofah later became Dean of Windsor and was known to JdeF.

    Hardback £12.99
  • Cornerstones: Subterranean writings; from Dartmoor to the Arctic Circle

    Edited by Mark Smalley

    A journey into the geology under our feet and the ways in which they affect our lives from agriculture to architecture. Essays about schist and shale, quartz and coal, caves and tundra, meteorites, gypsum and gneiss, by Alan Garner, Sarah Wheeler, John Burnside, Sarah Moss, Helen Mort and many others.

    Hardback £16.00
  • In The City Of Love’s Sleep

    Lavinia Greenlaw

    A novel about what it means to fall in love in middle age.

    Hardback £14.99
  • Unsheltered

    Barbara Kingsolver

    Kingsolver’s latest novel combines a family drama with an intriguing historical scandal to demonstrate the struggle between community and truth. Many writers in the last three years have attempted to address contemporary America. Kingsolver does so with a defter touch than most and a cast of engaging characters. Intelligent, funny and moving.

    Hardback £20.00
  • Hermes: Pop-Up

    Stephane Foenkinos & Bernard Duisit, introduction by Pierre-Alexis Dumas

    Who could imagine such an eccentric and delightful thing as this? A book of creative wit, taste and imagination, in which mad words accompany the pop-up flights of fancy that are Hermes scarves, with Pegasus as our steed, cockatoos for company and a rooftop party as our destination. Beautiful colour printing on very good paper, this is a treat for hand and eye.

    Hardback £22.50