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  • Jacques Schiffrin: A Publisher in Exile, from Pleiade to Pantheon

    Amos Reichman, introduction by Robert Paxton, translated by Sarah Smith

    A Russian exile, JS knew the gamut of the literary world – Gide, Sartre, Berenson, etc.

    Hardback £24.00
  • Faber & Faber: The Untold Story

    Toby Faber

    Drawing on unpublished letters, minutes, memoirs and diaries, a scion tells the story of one of the world’s great – and still independent – publishing houses.

    Hardback £20.00
  • The Face Pressed Against a Window: A Memoir

    Tim Waterstone

    It is intriguing to read TW’s account of the remarkable and influential chain of bookshops he established. He has always been kind about Sandoe’s, describing us here as “tiny, quirky and magnificent”.

    Hardback £17.99
  • The Collected Letters of Flann O’Brien

    Flann O'Brien, edited by Maebh Long

    Those who remember Seán at Sandoe’s will recall his tireless advocacy of FO’B, or Myles na gCopaleen. This collection amply demonstrates FO’B’s extraordinary wit and versatile brilliance.

    Paperback £18.50
  • The Unpunished Vice: A Life of Reading

    Edmund White

    Smart and insightful memoir through the books he has read and many writers he has known.

    Hardback £18.99
  • Facts & Fiction: A Book of Storytelling

    Michael Holroyd

    A characteristically engaging collection of pieces about the art of narration by the biographer of Strachey, Augustus John etc.

    Hardback £20.00
  • Ghosting: A Double Life

    Jennie Erdal

    “… like a rare and tropical bird [his] plumage was a wonder to behold…”: A Slightly Foxed limited edition re-issue of Erdal’s quietly uproarious memoir of working – and ghost-writing on an epic scale – for Naim Attallah, the publisher. “‘You can call me what you like,’ he said. ‘I shall call you Beloved – all the girls who work for me are Beloved’…”

    Hardback £18.50
  • Dear Mr Murray: Letters to a Gentleman Publisher

    Edited by David McClay

    A marvellous anthology of letters to seven generations of publishers; the list of correspondents is long and includes Byron, Austen, Darwin, Thackeray and Leigh Fermor. Some of the delights in these pages are animosities, as well as friendships.

    Hardback £16.99
  • Books Do Furnish A Painting

    Jamie Camplin & Maria Ranauro

    Camplin is the man who ran Thames & Hudson for many years. In this sequence of essays, he shares his private fascination with the role of books in paintings.

    Hardback £24.95