/British History
  • A Short History of England

    Dominic Caldecott

    A highly articulate, intelligent and entertaining look at the history of England, with a somewhat idiosyncratic approach. Politics, trade, government and culture are Caldecott’s bread and butter here, and his sweep is extremely enjoyable – and stimulating: he ends, for instance, his initial and very brief chapter on prehistory thus: “The particular relevance of Roman Britain to English history lies in the English aristocracy’s adoption of the same Augustan culture during its eighteenth-century hegemony”. Privately published.

    Hardback £20.00
  • Engines of Privilege: Britain’s Private School Problem

    David Kynaston & Francis Green

    Privileged access to education and the democratic deficit that results: this old chestnut is given a thorough roasting by two highly regarded minds.

    Hardback £20.00
  • The Last Englishmen: Love, War and the End of Empire

    Deborah Baker

    This fine book uncovers the stories of John Auden and Michael Spender, who, as Everest climbers and geologists, led lives quite as interesting though very different to those of their more famous older brothers.

    Hardback £25.00
  • The Rise and Fall of the British Nation: A Twentieth-Century History

    David Edgerton

    Edgerton offers us a wholly new take on our understanding of ourselves as a nation: the imperial, global and liberal model giving way after WW2 to isolationism and a narrower nationalism. His arguments are powerful, his marshalling of material astonishing, and disquieting.

    Hardback £30.00
  • Carrington: An Honourable Man

    Christopher Lee

    It is no doubt forgivable that the author omits the fact that Lord C was a customer here, but we can attest that he was a delightful man; we miss him.

    Hardback £25.00
  • Darling Winston: Forty years of correspondence between Churchill and his mother

    David Lough

    Beginning in 1881, when WC was only six years old, and continuing until his mother’s death in 1921. By the author of ‘No More Champagne: Winston Churchill and his Money’.

    Hardback £30.00
  • Churchill: Walking with Destiny

    Andrew Roberts

    Keenly anticipated and immense, this new biography is said to be magisterial by its brilliantly dependable – and dependably brilliant – publisher.

    Hardback £35.00
  • Thomas Cromwell: A Life

    Diarmaid MacCulloch

    Prof. MacCulloch’s book about this subtle and elusive thug, Henry VIII’s fixer and Hilary Mantel’s object of fascination, is widely anticipated.

    Hardback £30.00
  • The King’s War

    Mark Logue & Peter Conradi

    George VI’s relationship with his speech therapist, Lionel Logue, did not end with his famous broadcast in September 1939. One of the authors is Logue’s grandson, the other a journalist and author of ‘Mythomania’.

    Hardback £20.00