• The Hermitage: A Palace and a Museum

    Ahmet Ertug

    It is hard to exaggerate the magnificence of this huge book. There is an introduction by the Director of the State Hermitage Museum, Mikhail Piotrovsky, and further contributions by Michael Forsyth, Marion Harney and Geraldine Norman. But the salient feature is the pictures by the remarkable Turkish photographer, Ahmet Ertug. Dimensions are 48 x 40 cm, so the 102 colour plates are immense, and they are beautifully reproduced with state-of-the-art technology. It is beautifully bound in red silk, and comes in a slipcase.

    We stock as many of Mr Ertug’s astonishing books as are in print – some 20 of them at present. Please email or telephone us for details, or come and browse them at Sandoe’s. There are also some special editions occasionally available.

    Hardcover in a slipcase £595.00
  • Ancient Theaters of Anatolia

    R. R. R. Smith, photographs by Ahmet Ertug

    Another recent, fabulously illustrated book from Ahmet Ertug, this time on sixteen well-preserved theatres in Anatolia. Text by R.R.R Smith, Lincoln Professor of Classical Archaeology and Art at Oxford University, and Director of the Aphrodisias excavations in Turkey. Ertug produces many of the extraordinary images using a specially made 8 x 10 inch large-format camera. Fine architectural details or the texture of stonework are superbly reproduced; equally, there are panoramic views of the buildings, their landscapes, their friezes, with no distortion and astounding depth of field.

    This very handsome book has a landscape format, bound in dark brown cloth, with 174 colour photographs.

    We stock all of Mr Ertug’s books – or as many as there are in print – so please contact us by telephone or email for further information; or come and look at his books at Sandoe’s.


    Cloth bound hard cover in slipcase £500.00