• Who Killed My Father

    Edouard Louis

    An extended essay on his father’s life – and by extension on the French working class – by the author of ‘The End of Eddy’ and ‘A History of Violence’.

    Hardback £10.99
  • The Caesar of Paris – Napoleon Bonaparte, Rome, and the Artistic Obsession that Shaped an Empire

    Susan Jaques

    Bony’s fascination with antiquity.

    Hardback £21.99
  • Lotharingia: A Personal History of Europe’s Lost Country

    Simon Winder

    The author of Danubia and Germania continues his personal and entertaining exploration of Europe with this study of the borderlands between France and Germany.

    Hardback £20.00
  • Sérotonine

    Michel Houellebecq

    A brilliant and devastating novel from an author described by a colleague as “a human cigarette”.

    NB This is the French language edition, for those who can’t face waiting until September for the English translation.

    Paperback £26.00
  • Poems of Paris

    Edited by Emily Fragos

    A new, elegantly produced anthology that includes Ronsard, Villon, Baudelaire, Mallarmé, Verlaine, Apollinaire, Eluard, Desnos and Prévert, as well as foreign poets such as Wilde, Rilke, Ferlinghetti, Stein and Mandelstam.

    Hardback £10.99
  • Album du Comte du Nord: Le Nôtre à Chantilly

    Jean-Pierre Babelon

    A facsimile of the ravishing album of Le Nôtre’s plans and elevations of the gardens at Chantilly, with its Chinoiserie kiosk, pavilions, stables, canals, walks etc. It was given to the ‘Comte du Nord’ and his wife, a transparent pseudonym for the future Tsar Paul I and his wife, Maria Feodorovna, travelling incognito. They visited Chantilly in June 1782, when they were given the album. The original was bought back by the French in the 1930s when the Soviets sold the contents of the imperial library. Text in French.

    Hardback £50.00
  • Notes from the Cévennes: Half a Lifetime in Provincial France

    Adam Thorpe

    This astute, delightful book has its origin in a series of columns Thorpe did in the TLS. He cannot write a dull or awkward sentence; and as you would expect from the author of Ulverton, Silbury Hill, etc, it bristles with treasures.

    Hardback £16.99
  • Promise At Dawn

    Romain Gary

    Who would have expected a Romain Gary revival? Yet the success earlier this year of his novel ‘The Kites’ was real, and this, his autobiography, remains as wild and romantic as ever. Brought up in poverty in Eastern Europe, he became an ace pilot, hero of the Resistance, diplomat, a denizen of the Cote d’Azur and one of the most famous French writers of the C20th.

    Paperback £9.99
  • John Law: A Scottish Adventurer of the Eighteenth Century

    James Buchan

    A riveting biography of the Scottish economist John Law who became Controller General of Finance in France during the minority of Louis XV. He was also the richest private citizen in Europe with ideas astonishingly ahead of his time, including a preference for paper money and central banking. His ship turned turtle when the Mississippi Company bubble burst; thereafter he lived from gambling and died a poor man in Venice.

    Hardback £30.00