• Kasmin’s Postcards: Burden

    John Kasmin

    Primarily known to the world as an art dealer (David Hockney), it turns out that Kasmin has been an insatiable and avid collector of old, strange and wonderful postcards from around the world for many decades. Three small and wonderful books (and we’re told there will be more) have been published, grouping some of this vast collection according to theme. 

    This volume has photos of those who bear burdens – weightlifters, farmers, watercarriers, travelling salesmen, people carrying tobacco, bird cages, wood, Swiss cheese, a leopard…

    See following for the other two volumes.




    Paperback £12.99
  • Kasmin’s Postcards: Perform

    John Kasmin

    A second grouping of Kasmin’s photographic collection, this time of actors, actresses, circus artists, etc.

    Paperback £12.99
  • Kasmin’s Postcards: Kids

    John Kasmin

    Another volume of Kasmin’s remarkable vintage postcards, with children from around the world as its theme. Strange and powerful images, rather than ‘cute’.

    Paperback £12.99
  • Ravens

    Masahisa Fukase

    A extremely welcome re-issue of an outstanding photobook, first published thirty years ago and long out of print. Eerie, ominous, melancholic, obsessive… Fukase photographed ravens for ten years, though there are other subjects included in this sequence too; all printed in grainy black and white. Remarkable, outstanding, and haunting.

    Clothbound hardback in a silkscreen printed carton slipcase.

    Hardback £75.00
  • John Henry Haynes: A Photographer and Archaeologist in the Ottoman Empire 1881-1900

    Robert G Ousterhout

    The Massachusetts-born Haynes was a master of archaeological photography in the Middle East and Turkey in the late C19th. His prolonged stay was made possible by the sponsership of the American Institute of Archaeology, who first sent him to photograph the excavations at Assos in 1881 and continued to support him. Such photographic training as he had was a brief stint with William James Stillman while the latter was documenting the Acropolis in Athens. Haynes’s work shows a sensitivity to landscape and composition which may have been influenced by Stillman’s earlier background as a landscape painter and protégé of Ruskin.

    This volume includes sites at Ankara, Boğazköy,the rock-cut settlements of Cappadocia (the ‘fairy chimneys’), Sultan Han, and Constantinople.

    Paperback £22.95