• A Short History of England

    Dominic Caldecott

    A highly articulate, intelligent and entertaining look at the history of England, with a somewhat idiosyncratic approach. Politics, trade, government and culture are Caldecott’s bread and butter here, and his sweep is extremely enjoyable – and stimulating: he ends, for instance, his initial and very brief chapter on prehistory thus: “The particular relevance of Roman Britain to English history lies in the English aristocracy’s adoption of the same Augustan culture during its eighteenth-century hegemony”. Privately published.

    Hardback £20.00
  • Living Iron

    Pauline van Lynden, Vanessa Everts

    The fascinating history of iron and its impact on our lives, from the earliest days of our planet to the 21st century, is presented in this meticulously researched and smartly produced book. The authors delve into the exceptional combination of qualities the metal possesses and explains why, through millennia of rust, recycling and reinvention, this tough stuff continues to reveal enormous potential for our world and our future.

    Paperback £36.00
  • The Greyhound and the Hare: A History of the Breed and the Sport

    Charles Blanning

    Substantial, large format and copiously illustrated, this is the magnum opus of a former Keeper of the Greyhound Stud Book and Secretary of the National Coursing Club, whose family has bred greyhounds since the 1920’s. From the Classical period to Altcar and the Waterloo Cup, up to the banning of the sport in 2005.

    Hardback £60.00
  • John Meade Falkner: Abnormal Romantic

    Richard Davenport-Hines

    A new and thoroughly researched biography of John Meade Falkner (1858-1932), armaments manufacturer and dealer, writer, and bibliophile, best-known for his three novels, The Lost Stradivarius (1895), Moonfleeet (1898), and The Nebuly Coat (1903).

    Privately printed for The Roxburghe Club in an edition of 500 copies, of which 400 are offered for sale.

    Hardback £95.00
  • Joyride to a Reunion at Kardamyli

    Tony Scotland

    In October 1990 three wonderful old birds – Coote Heber Percy, Billa Harrod and Freda Berkeley – set off in a car with with indifferent springs for the Peloponnese, to soothe their widowhood by seeking out the warm south and, in particular, their old friends Patrick and Joan Leigh Fermor in their beautiful house at Kardamyli.

    This charming account is another of Tony Scotland’s beautifully self-published books to follow ‘Bazouker: The Untold Scandals of Captain Lennox Berkeley, 7th Earl of Berkeley’, ‘Gradual: A Rennaissance Chant Book’ and ‘Fleche: Brief Encounter with Stravinsky”.

    Hardback £17.50
  • Charmed Lives in Greece: Ghika, Craxton, Leigh Fermor

    Edited by Evita Arapoglou

    The beautifully-produced catalogue of a wonderful exhibition that has moved from Cyprus to Athens and now to the British Museum. The friendship of these three men lasted five decades, and is illustrated by a profusion of paintings, letters, photographs, etc. The labyrinthine network of their circle (Stephen Spender, Ann Fleming, Lucian Freud, Nikos Kazantsakis…) is a roll-call of lasting fascination.

    We have imported this from Cyprus, and believe stock may prove limited.

    Paperback £30.00
  • Cedric Morris: Artist Plantsman

    Andrew Lambirth

    A slim and delightful book to accompany the Garden Museum’s exhibition earlier this year which focused on Morris’s jubilant flower paintings. His students included Lucian Freud and Maggi Hambling and this book features an essay by the late, and much missed, Beth Chatto. Morris’s star rises, finally, and deservedly.

    Hardback £15.00
  • Fearless Living

    edited by Jean-Philippe Demeyer, Frank Ver Elst & Jean-Paul Dewever

    An extremely gorgeous book by the Belgian decorating partnership. The cover fabric, gold woven with extraordinary eyes – owlish, imaginary, Ancient Egyptian, Nepali stupa eyes – has been designed by Jean-Philippe Demayer, the Belgian interior designer and antique dealer, and Pablo Piatti. Beautifully made from a technical point of view too, the book has immaculately edge-printed pages and opens completely flat without stressing the spine. The contents showcase his company’s decorating style: lavish, eclectic, colourful, comfortable and, in JPD’s own words, “anti-serious”. Jubilant indeed.


    Hardback £155.00
  • Wallpapers at Temple Newsam: 1635 to the Present

    Anthony Wells-Cole & Barabara Walker

    Stunning, large format illustrated catalogue of the wallpapers at Temple Newsam, one of the few significant collections in this country. Though many rooms were damaged or stripped of their papers, an enormous amount of conservation work has been achieved over several decades. Not least, a new company – the now famous Zoffany & Co.- was created to make meticulous reproductions of some of the wallpapers based on fragments. The wall coverings at Temple Newsam date from about 1700 to the present day, including half a century of rather unsympathetic redecoration from the 1930’s on. Most of the historic Temple Newsam wallpapers have been found since 1979 during structural repair works and during restoration of the house between 1980 and 2009.


    Hardback £50.00