• The Milk of Dreams

    Written and illustrated by Leonora Carrington

    LC lived much of her life in Mexico, painting and writing. Her two sons remember a large room whose walls were covered with images of wondrous creatures, towering mountains, and peculiar vegetation. That room was later whitewashed, but some of its wonders were preserved in the little notebook that LC called The Milk of Dreams. This book is an important – and funny – part of her idiosyncratic artistic legacy and a great opener of the imagination.

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    Hardback £11.99
  • Down Below

    Leonora Carrington, introduced by Marina Warner

    LC’s first breakdown began in 1940 when she was still a very young woman, while she was living in the south of France, and was precipitated by the arrest of her lover Max Ernst by the invading German army. This account of her madness, culminating in her confinement in a mental institution,  is painfully logical and brilliantly  insightful, with an uncanny ability to write about herself both as subject and object.

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    Paperback £8.99
  • Roland Penrose: The Life of a Surrealist

    James King

    Linked to Roger Fry, Lee Miller, Eluard, Breton, Peggy Guggenheim, Max Ernst, RP was an artist, impresario, biographer and collector. And author of The Home Guard Manual of Camouflage (1941).

    Hardback £30.00
  • Roger Caillois: La Lecture des Pierres

    Massimiliano Gioni

    This wonderful book (text in French) is published by the Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle in Paris. Caillois was a surrealist in the 1930s who took to collecting rare mineral forms, “pierres curieuses qui attirent l’attention par quelque anomalie…” The book consists of photographs of his collection together with his accompanying texts. Beautifully produced, it shows ravishing slices through semi-precious stones, most of which are suggestive of something else: a shoreline, trees, dunes, Chinoiserie gold and black lacquer buildings with figures and birds, a medieval German town by a lake, ghosts, a slice of bacon…

    Hardback £55.00
  • Jean Cocteau: A Life

    Claude Arnaud

    It is nearly 50 years since Steegmuller’s superb biography. This one, published to great acclaim in France, presents the fragile genius of a man equally fêted and hated, whose life was a barometer of artistic endeavour in the C20th.

    Hardback £30.00