• Dawn

    Selahattin Demirtas

    Short stories from the Turkey’s most famous political prisoner, the former head of the pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party who ran for president in 2018 from behind bars.

    Hardback £10.99
  • I Will Never See The World Again

    Ahmet Altan

    The author of this extraordinary memoir has been sentenced to life in prison for the Kafkaesque crime of sending ‘subliminal messages’ in support of the failed coup in Turkey in 2016. This slim volume whose pages were smuggled out of the prison cell, is a moving testament to the power of literature and inner resources of the human spirit.

    Paperback £9.99
  • Mr Five Per Cent: The many lives of Calouste Gulbenkian, the world’s richest man

    Jonathan Conlin

    Ottoman, Armenian and British, with a French education and a King’s College London degree in petroleum engineering: this is the first biography of this extraordinary man in over a generation. An old-fashioned millionaire (after Eartha Kitt’s heart) with exquisite taste who managed to buy art even from Stalin.

    Hardback £25.00
  • Omer Pasha Latas, Marshall to the Sultan

    Ivo Andric

    The first English translation of this novel, set in 1850s Sarajevo, with its complex overlappings of three religions. From the author of ‘The Bridge over the Drina’.

    Other £9.99
  • Tell Them of Battles, Kings, and Elephants

    Mathias Enard

    A magnificent yarn about Michelangelo going to Constantinople at the Sultan’s invitation to build a bridge over the Golden Horn, from the author of ‘Compass’ and ‘Zone’. Translated from the French.

    Paperback £10.99
  • Stamboul Ghosts: A Last Stroll Through Bohemian Istanbul

    John Freely, photographs by Ara Güler

    Freely is one of the authors of the classic ‘Strolling Through Istanbul’ and has written numerous books on related subjects. This memoir, published by Cornucopia, is the work of a man who spent a lifetime learning about, and loving, this amazing city.

    Hardback £16.99
  • Ottoman Odyssey: Travels through a Lost Empire

    Alev Scott

    The author travels through twelve countries, finding a complex legacy of diversity that is still relevant today. She has a clear eye and a compassionate voice.

    Hardback £20.00
  • Neslishah: The Last Ottoman Princess

    The last Sultan was her grandfather; on his deposition her other grandfather became Caliph until he too was removed from office and the entire imperial Ottoman family exiled. She married the last Khedive of Egypt and saw a second exile in the 1950s, before eventually being allowed to return to Istanbul. Her extraordinary life is also the story of the end of two pivotal dynasties.

    Hardback £24.95
  • Empress of the East: How a European Slave Girl Became Queen of the Ottoman Empire

    Leslie Peirce

    This Ottoman princess was Roxelana, concubine and later queen of Suleyman the Magnificent.

    Hardback £24.99