A selection of intriguing, stunning, or otherwise remarkable books which might be difficult to find elsewhere. They include fine editions, publications from abroad exceptional for their interest or production, special editions and some first-rate books from very small publishers. We stock a far greater range of such books than is visible here – please contact us for more information or visit the shop to look at our stock.


  • Rivers of Norfolk

    Tor Falcon, with a foreword by Charles Rangeley-Wilson

    Tor Falcon is an artist working mostly in chalk pastel who has previously done projects on the South Downs with sell-out shows.  For the last four years she has been walking and drawing the rivers of Norfolk, whose names would make Robert Macfarlane – and the rest of us – quiver with pleasure: Ouse, Nar, Thet, Tas, Gadder, Cong, Tud, Yare, Ingol, Glaven, Chet, Wensum and many others.

    Each river is illustrated with several pastel drawings and accompanied with introductory notes by Tor.  Banks, sedge, ancient willows, bends, shores, rushes, chalk, mud, marshes and water meadows, canals, meanders, managed and wild: this is a wonderful book with nothing sentimental about either the notes or the drawings.

    Rangeley-Wilson rightly quotes Ruskin in his foreword in relation to Tor’s eye, skill and knowledge.

    A number of the drawings are on show at Norwich Castle Museum, from 13th July to 12th January 2020.

    Her book is privately published and beautifully produced.


    Hardback £25.00
  • West-Eastern Divan

    edited by Eric Ormsby, Johann Wolfgang Goethe

    A new bilingual edition commissioned for the 200th anniversary of Goethe’s last great poetry cycle, inspired by the poet Hafez. This is a complete, annotated new translation, handsomely produced, including ‘Notes and Essays’ and the unpublished poems, edited by Eric Ormsby.

    It accompanies A New Divan: A Lyrical Dialogue between East & West (hbk, £20), a multi-lingual collection of poems and translations on Goethe’s original themes from a roster of twenty-four leading poets in eleven languages, with facing English translations.

    Hardback £30.00
  • Joseph Rose: Working Drawings

    Introduced by Ashleigh Murray

    Small and perfectly formed: a facsimile of a sketchbook by the C18th plastering firm, Joseph Rose & Co. It was found with a tatty cover in a drawer at Harewood House. Joseph Rose Senior and Junior (uncle and nephew) were the pre-eminent master plasterers of their age and worked closely on the ceilings at Harewood with Robert Adam, as well as with James Wyatt, William Chambers and others. The drawings relate to multiple projects up and down the country, not only Harewood. It is rare to find books on or by the craftsmen of the period, who, along with the commissioners and the architects, make up the trinity of makers, designers and purchasers essential to all great building projects.

    This is a delightful and very limited edition of 50 copies, beautifully bound in a pale yellow cloth, hand sewn with decorative endpapers, and numbered.

    Kate Holland, a Fellow of Designer Bookbinders, has done the layout, typesetting and binding.




    Clothbound hardback £150.00
  • Leonardo da Vinci – Rediscovered

    Carmen C Bambach

    This is a tremendous new publication, gloriously produced with 1,500 illustrations across 2,200 pages, and consists of four volumes in a slipcase. It presents an authoritative reassessment of Leonardo’s life, work and legacy by Carmen Bambach, the curator at the Met behind groundbreaking exhibitions on Leonardo (2003) and Michelangelo (2018). Her research included combing through 4,000 sheets of Leonardo’s notes and drawings to consider his development with a fresh and historically accurate eye. The new research, insights, scholarship and outstanding production values make this book stand apart from any other on Leonardo to date.


    Due to be published in 25th June 2019. The set costs £400 but we are able to offer it at a pre-publication price of £350.

    4 hardback volumes in a slipcase £350.00
  • Gardens of Corfu

    Rachel Weaving, with photographs by Marianne Majerus

    Beautiful coffee table book, large format, with stunning photographs of private gardens which range from romantic old estates and highly personal ‘grandmothers’ gardens’ to stunning contemporary works by international designers. The ‘Garden Island’ has more rainfall than anywhere else in the Aegean.  The newer gardens are designed for sustainability, conserving water and drawing inspiration from the surrounding natural landscape. Tracing the roots of their inspiration, the book’s last chapter explores the island’s varied wild landscape and the procession of wildflowers through the seasons. Outstanding.


    With a preface by Mary Keen.

    Hardback £49.95
  • By The Way

    Algy Cluff

    A third volume of memoirs from the indefatigable author of ‘Get On With It’ and ‘Unsung Heroes’, in which he turns his attention to the knaves, fools and good eggs who have crossed his path.

    Both of the first two volumes are available too.

    Hardback £20.00