John Sandoe’s is delighted to offer a complete wedding list service, from helping to select and source an eclectic and personal array of books to supplying bespoke book plates, wrapping, hand-written messages and delivery at the couple’s convenience.

The only part that the couple need get involved with is making their selection of books. This is best done by one or more appointments with us here at Sandoe’s, though it is possible to compile a list in absentia too. Everything after that can be arranged by Sandoe’s, relieving the couple of any worries at what is bound to be an extremely busy time. We are meticulous at our record keeping so that in addition to boxes of neatly wrapped and beribboned parcels, the couple will receive, come the time, a list of donors, gifts, contact details and any messages.

We are also happy to make recommendations based on the couple’s taste to donors who wish to go off-list.

For further information and any enquiries please email or telephone us.