• The Collected Letters of Flann O’Brien

    Flann O'Brien, edited by Maebh Long

    Those who remember Seán at Sandoe’s will recall his tireless advocacy of FO’B, or Myles na gCopaleen. This collection amply demonstrates FO’B’s extraordinary wit and versatile brilliance.

    Paperback £18.50
  • Darling Winston: Forty years of correspondence between Churchill and his mother

    David Lough

    Beginning in 1881, when WC was only six years old, and continuing until his mother’s death in 1921. By the author of ‘No More Champagne: Winston Churchill and his Money’.

    Hardback £30.00
  • Philip Larkin: Letters Home, 1936 – 1977

    Philip Larkin, edited by James Booth

    A volume of letters to his family, never published before.

    Hardback £40.00
  • More Dashing: Further Letters of Patrick Leigh Fermor

    Patrick Leigh Fermor, edited by Adam Sisman

    A second volume of exuberant letters.

    Hardback £30.00
  • Letters of Sylvia Plath Volume II: 1956 – 1963

    Edited by Peter K Steinberg & Karen V Kukil

    Second and final volume.

    Hardback £35.00
  • The Kremlin Letters: Stalin’s Wartime Correspondence with Churchill and Roosevelt

    Edited by David Reynolds & Vladimir Pechatnov

    Hundreds of communications between the Allied triumvirate, brilliantly edited by two great scholars of the period.

    Hardback £25.00
  • Letters to a Young Muslim

    Omar Saif Ghobash

    A senior Arab diplomat writes to his sons about freedom, faith, violence, culture and society, the challenges of the modern world and his fear of radicalisation. A clear call for critical thinking, this takes up the challenges facing modern Muslims around the world, especially the young. At the heart of this humane and compassionate set of letters is the author’s concern for his sons in an age when moderate voices can be drowned out by vociferous – and belligerent – claimants of authenticity and legitimacy. Ghobash’s hope is to assist his sons to become “thinking, ethically directed young Muslim[s]” by helping them cut through the noise and strife to reach their own reasoned judgements. “There is much more gray in between the black and white that the ulema and other scholars present us. And the gray is where you develop intellectually and morally. The gray area of uncertainty and doubt as to what is right and what is wrong is where you discover your own right to think for yourself and to participate in the construction of our ethical world in practice. ” Ghobash, whose own father was assassinated in 1977, has produced a book that is as moving as it is powerful, direct and clear.

    “I want you to have some idea of the questions you will face, and some of the answers that are out there. I do not want you to learn the most important lessons in life from people who do not love you as I love you… If you think that I worry too much about you, know that I worry only about you.”

    Hardback £16.99
  • Letters of Sylvia Plath Volume I: 1940-1956

    Edited by Karen Kukil & Peter K Steinberg

    Kukil and Steinberg edited her ‘Journals 1950-1962’. This is the first time her letters have been published.

    Hardback £35.00
  • The Times Great Letters: Notable correspondence to the newspaper

    Edited by James Owen

    A diverting and merry selection of contributions from the famous and the furious, including AA Milne, Benito Mussolini and several grand Poobahs.

    Hardback £20.00