/Middle East
  • The Life and Legend of the Sultan Saladin

    Jonathan Phillips

    A riveting biography of the Kurdish-born warrior and diplomat, whose empire stretched from Western Iraq to North Africa and whose memory is still potent in the contemporary Middle East.

    Hardback £25.00
  • A New Divan: A Lyrical Dialogue between East & West

    edited by Bill Swainson & Barbara Schwepcke

    The 200th anniversary of Johann Wolfgang Goethe’s West-Eastern Divan forms the inspiration for A New Divan (Gingko, 2019), a multi-lingual collection of poems and translations on Goethe’s original themes from a roster of twenty-four leading poets in eleven languages, with facing English translations. With an introduction by Daniel Barenboim.

    We are delighted that two of the poets involved in this project will speak at Sandoe’s on 2nd July – booking essential. Please see here for more details.

    Hardback £20.00
  • Bazaar

    Sabrina Ghayour

    Vegetarian dishes from the author of the delectable ‘Persiana’ and ‘Feast’

    Hardback £26.00
  • Image Debate: Figural Representation in Islam and Across the World

    Christiane Gruber

    A valuable collection of essays which examine the controversy surrounding the use of images in Islamic art and in other religious cultures. It seeks to redress some of the misunderstandings that have arisen, particularly in the wake of ISIS.

    Hardback £60.00
  • Idols: The Power of Images

    Annie Caubet

    Wonders of early civilisations: figurines from the Cyclades, Mesopotamia, Anatolia, the Oxus and Indus valleys, Iran, Iberia, etc. ‘Idols’ does not seem the right descriptive for these as we only guess at their function; but their small, highly concentrated presences give each of them an extraordinary power. Superbly illustrated.

    Hardback £50.00
  • The Islamic World: A History in Objects

    Venetia Porter & Ladan Akbarbia et al

    Same format as last year’s excellent ‘China: A History in Objects’.

    Hardback £29.95
  • Ibn Khaldun: An Intellectual Biography

    Robert Irwin

    A biography of the C14th proto-historian whose ‘Muqaddima’, on the principles of history and rise and fall of dynasties, is widely held to be a work of genius. Irwin, intelligent and contrary, is awake to the deceptiveness of making too many modern parallels: rather, through Ibn Khaldun, the modern reader can access a pre-modern approach to understanding societies and the world.

    Hardback £24.95
  • The Mercantile Effect: Art and Exchange in the Islamicate World During the 17th & 18th Centuries

    Edited by Melanie Gibson & Sussan Babaie

    Lavishly illustrated collection of papers on the development of trade in the Islamic world.

    Hardback £50.00
  • Orientalist Lives: Western Artists in the Middle East, 1830 – 1920

    James Parry

    Looks at what led this diverse and idiosyncratic group of men and women to often remote and potentially dangerous locations, from Morocco to Egypt, the Levant, and Turkey.

    Hardback £45.00